Zamar Music Productions Inc. led by artistic director Corey Butler, seeks to transform the way audiences experience live music by fusing different cultures and different musical genres to create a unique art form that speaks to socioeconomic and cultural issues within our diverse and multi-ethnic communities.

October, 2022

I Will Survive

Featuring Melanie Durrant and Divine Brown

Zamar Music Productions Inc. presents I Will Survive featuring Divine Brown and Melanie Durrant, a concert event held at the Calypso Hut in Brampton, Ontario, to bring awareness to domestic violence.

Sat Oct 29 / 7pm
: Calypso Hut

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January, 2023

The Hymns to Freedom Project

The Hymns to Freedom Project inspired by the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., communicates the ideals of love, respect and unity to all generations. Guests will be entertained by the music and challenged by the message, "We’re Better Together".

Sat Jan 13 / 1pm
: Conrad Center
Sat Jan 13 / 7pm
: Conrad Center

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